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Picking the Right Wine for Date Night!

Whatever your relationship status is, it’s always better if you know how to plan an ideal date by choosing the perfect wine. 88 Lounge will help you learn what to get for each specific occasion.

First date

date wine 1
Choose something you know well, so you’ve got something to talk about. For instance, a wine from a winery you’ve visited before, so you’ve got a story to tell. Or simply a wine you learned from a wine tasting event in 88 Lounge. You may even met the representative of the winery, say Mr. Marc Andre Hugel from the Hugel Lunch event! That way, you’ll gain the confidence to lead the date.


gentil hugel

Gentil Hugel harnesses the tempting, spicy flavor of Gewurztraminer, the body of Pinot Gris, the finesse of Riesling, the grapiness of Muscat and the refreshing character of Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner. The aroma hits the nose with a powerful fruitiness filled with the scent of youthful springtime and a flavor melts on the taste-buds.

Casual date

Go for a great value wine, but not something so well known that she (or he) will know you’re a skimpy person. Why not rosé (from the south of France). It’s like taking her (or him) on a trip to Provence.


An original rosé with a very pale pink color plus grey and whitish tints. The bouquet reveals delightful red berry scents. A slight sparkle on the palate gives the wine all its freshness and brings out its fruit to the full.

Hot Date

For that really hot date, you want something suggestive, but not crass. Choose a wine that’s a little racy, but in a fun way.

pago florentino This 100% Tempranillo, from Ciudad Real in La Mancha, is a brilliant ruby, with sexy floral, spicy dark berry scents, picking up smokiness and minerality with air. Sappy, penetrating blackberry and bitter cherry flavors show an exotic, smoky note of cured meat and become sweeter with air. Closes smoky and long, with lingering berry flavors and soft, even tannins. Really interesting wine, with the fruit intensity for broad appeal and the complexity to hold the attention of wine geeks.

Special date

You have to go with Champagne. It’s the definition of romance, plus if you’re doing something like getting engaged, you ought to drink something fancy.


ayala brut
Light gold, with abundant and fine bubbles. It is open and expressive. Delicate, unveiling notes of citrus, flowers and white fruits.

The taste is rather balanced, combining freshnessand vinosity. Precise, fruity andcharacterised by a long finish. This wine is perfect for an apéritif, Brut Majeur can also pair harmoniously with every course of a meal: white fish, shellfish, poultry or a cheese platter.

Date-night date

date special

OK, now you’re married, you have kids, but you still have a regular date night. What you want is something nice, not cheap but not crazily expensive, and not overwhelmingly high alcohol, since after all you’re going to have to get up early to get the kids to school in the morning. Plus, if could be something meaningful, go for it!


cote du rhone

Broad, beautifully concentrated, especially for a 2014, with sweet tannin, terrific purity and a great finish, it’s a terrific example of what a top-notch estate can do in a difficult vintage. It’s well worth seeking out and will drink well through 2024.

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