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Wine for New Year’s Eve

In just a few days we will be singing Happy New Year to wrap up 2019. The smell of food is tempting. Wine spilling everywhere. But wait! Which wine do we go with for this grand occasion? Let’s explore the festive wine options with 88 Lounge.

Champagne and Prosecco will no doubt make up the majority of sales, but there are so many more options when it comes to toasting the start of a new year. We’ve gathered some of our favorites when it comes to party wine.

Dinner party wine

If you’re in for an indulgent night of rich flavors and gamey meats, there’s no better companion than a good quality right bank Bordeaux. The combination is a tried-and-true classic. As it’s New Years Eve, look for a Grand Cru. After all, It’s a special night!

Our pick: Relais de La Dominique – Saint Emilion Grand Cru 

Lighter fare

If you’d something more lighthearted and won’t leave you with a ringing head the next day. Try some playful white for a change, a dry Riesling in particular. They may protest at first, but choose a bottle with the right acidity to balance Riesling’s natural sweetness and you’ll win people over. It’s a fun, new experience for many and a great party wine. Take our word for it, your guests will enter the next year with a new favorite.

Our pick: Schloss Vollrads Estate Riesling – Rheingau

Get bubbly!

If this isn’t the obvious choice for celebration… Well, our Wines of the Month can be awesome picks!

Our pick: Taittinger Champagne

The high proportion of Chardonnay (40 %), allows the Brut Réserve to reach its full aromatic potential after maturing for 3 to 4 years in the cellars. It is unusual for a non-vintage blend to have such a high quantity of Chardonnay, and this is what makes this non-vintage blend so balanced, consistent and world-renowned. It is an excellent champagne, suitable for any occasion.

Champagne Chateau de Bligny Grande Reserve

Pale golden colour with a delightful string of bubbles. A subtle nose with flat peach and stone fruit aromas and hints of lemon in the background. Fresh and lively on the palate with persistent Mirabelle plum and apricot aromas.

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